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The world is filled with old religious temples, and buildings that hold a lot of meaning to specific cultures. We can read, and search the web about different religions. But it isn’t until we travel to see these landmarks that we are able to understand religion on a whole new level. It’s a different experience when we are able to walk on the same grounds that stories are said to happen on. Seeing how people interact with different sites, is impactful because we are able to understand the amount of weight carried with that specific spot.


Listed below are just three of the more than 1,000’s of religious destinations and sites to visit in the world. Hope these resources below will help you jump start your travels!

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Destination 1: JERUSALEM

The Western Wall-The surviving wall of Jerusalem’s first temple. It was destroyed in 1948 during the Israeli-Arab War. It is now considered the holiest place in Jerusalem.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre- Said to be built on the site Jesus was crucified on.

Destination 2 : INDIA


Lotus Temple-Built in 1980 the flower shaped temple is surrounded by gardens and is meant for people of all religions to come and meditate.

Ghats of Varansi– These river banks are located in one of the holiest cities and people come to do bath rituals, meditate, and cremations happen here.

Destination 3: JAPAN


Naritasan Shinshoji Temple-Located in Tokyo this temple is dedicated to the god of fire and fire rituals are done here daily.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine-This shrine is home to the god of war and is surrounded by beautiful peonies.

When traveling be sure to do research on each location. It is important to understand the cultural differences and be respectful of certain customs that are required to be followed at religious sites. Click here for a link that will help you learn more about different cultural customs.