Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreu was born in Concord, Massachusetts on July 12, 1817. He attended Harvard University and graduated in 1837. He moved back to Concord and met Ralph Waldo Emerson who exposed him to Transcendentalism.  It’s a school of thought that emphasized the importance of empirical thinking and of spiritual matters over the physical world. … More Henry David Thoreau

Good Friday and Easter

Easter is one of the most pivotal moments in Christianity. If the story of Easter is not true than the whole Christian faith is built on false truths. Like it says in 1 Corinthians 15:4 “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.”  It is important because … More Good Friday and Easter

The Gospel

  The gospel is the core belief of Christianity, and is what all Christians believe to be true. God loves us and created us to to have a personal relationship with Him.  This relationship was ruined when sin came into the world. God did not originally intend for sin to be in the world. Sin … More The Gospel