Angst in Our Souls

People in our society are constantly searching. We are never settled, we strive for adventure and we strive to seek the unknown. There are astronomers who search space in awe of what could be, they send out satellites and are constantly searching for new planets and galaxies. There are geologists who dig through the depths of our soil to gain insight from our past. There are engineers and scientists who deconstruct, analyze and re-build to figure out how elements are able to do what they do. There are philosophers and theologians who think and analyze the human condition. We want to know, how, who, what, when where and why on earth am I here?

There is an angst in our soul to just know. When we really want to know, we will strive to figure it out. It’s rare to see an astronomer be curious about a planet and not move forward with a plan to send a satellite or astronaut there. Life is a great mystery, and if the burden is heavy to solve it we will search. Religion is a route many choose to take when feeling an angst in their soul to find answers.