Good or Bad?

discussion.jpgMany argue around the idea of religion being good or bad. Some would argue that it creates conflict and war. With 4,200 different beliefs in the world, no conflict in disagreement would be a utopian novel. There are some religions whose moral code does not match with societies standards of right and wrong. Their actions effect people in a negative way and create a society driven by  fear.

On the other side of the spectrum there are religions that exemplify good character, and morals that are universal. Some believe in doing good for others, and trying their best not to hurt a single soul. In the discussion of religion being good or bad, we must look closely at all religions. The statement, “religion is bad/good,” is too narrow minded for the amount of brevity the word religion carries. Religion means different things to different people. But in researching different religions we can find that some can be seen as bad, and others as good. It is up to us to decide.