3500 BC

desert.jpgThere are currently 4,200 active religions in the world. It is a great mystery to how that many were able to develop over time, and why. To understand where we are now, we must look back to gain context. In the year 3500 BC, the Sumerian civilization was active. Historians found traces of religion on Sumerian tablets.  In the biblical book of Genesis Sumerian or Sumar civilization is known as Shinar.  Their initial belief was that, “civilization was the result of the gods’ triumph of order over chaos.” They also believed that their job was to help the gods by holding back chaos and creating order.

The Sumerian’s god gave them purpose. By believing that their job was to “create order and hold back chaos” they had something more to live for. They were provided with a task from a higher power in which they believed to have overall authority. Their days would no longer be mundane, but driven with purpose.